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The Duke's Story

Good BBQ means excellent flavor and quality cuts of meat that are prepared in just the right way. That's how we do it at Duke's! Click below to see our menu! The Dukes recipe actually came from the Baltzingers who had Carolina BBQ. Dovie Dukes Married a Baltzinger and got the recipe. He gave the recipe to all of his brothers and sisters. There were eight all together. 


His brother Earl opened the first Dukes in 1946 just outside of Orangeburg, SC and later moved it to Orangeburg. Soon the rest of the family followed suit and opened restrauntss. The deal was you couldn't open one within a thirty mile radius of another Dukes and you were not allowed to sell the restaurant to anyone but family.


Soon their children opened one and there were about twenty-five Dukes Barbeques all together that were family owned and operated. Every Dukes is individually operated and owned by family with the exception of three. The family used to raise their own hogs for the restaurants until DHEC came into existence and said we had to buy processed meat from a processor.


Everything served on the buffet is prepared on site by old southern family recipes. Dukes has been picked by Southern Living as one of the best BBQ Restaurants in the nation, Trip Advisors  award of excellence, and several local awards such as:  being picked as best BBQ Restaurant and best buffet by the readers of Beaufort Gazette and Low Country Reader Magazine.  Bring the entire family and experience our down home cookin' for yourself. You'll never forget your first time and we promise You'll be back for more.

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